Frequently asked questions

We work with payment systems: Bitcoin.
Crypto currencies which are available for mining: Bitcoin.
Minimum withdrawal amount: Bitcoin 0.0005 BTC.
Minimum Deposit amount: Bitcoin 0.001 BTC.
In order to start mining on our project you need to enter the "Mining" section, choose the mining algorithm and the desired crypto currency. To start the mining of the selected currency you need to move the slider from left to right thereby setting the % of power which you want to use to mine this currency. You can add several currencies for mining at once and distribute the power at your discretion. The speed of mining depends on your hashrate.
The contract for all mining devices is 180 days.
Requests for withdrawal of funds are processed manually. The waiting time depends on the number of requests which are received. The average processing time takes several hours. During high load times the waiting time can be increased up to 24 hours.
If your withdrawal request is in "processing" mode contact the support service to cancel your request. If your request has already been "processed" and you had specified an incorrect (but valid) wallet number it will not be possible to cancel it because the funds were transferred. In the event that you specify a non-existent wallet number the funds will be returned to the balance of your account.
Our partnership income program operates at 15%. With the reference link, a registered user is paid 15% instantly from every machine bought.
No. Generation of new coins takes place on our equipment. The accrual of profits continues 24/7 regardless of whether your computer is turned on or not.
Press the "Sign in" button, select the "Recover the password" section, specify your login and the email address that you have used when registering. A new password will be sent to your e-mail. Please note, if you used an incorrect email address or "temporary" mail when registering you will can not to restore your account .
Attempts to hack the site or break the structure of the executed code, attempts to hack the accounts of other users, creating of multiple accounts, inviting of inactive referrals with the help of SEO services and so on, insult and threat when communicating with the administration may be the reason for the account blocking.

Withdrawable Amount
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